Case Study

Oil and Gas
– Situation
Subsea 7 in Aberdeen had tried for several years to introduce a training programme that would meet the needs of staff who either needed to know or wanted to know more about the financial workings of their industry in order to improve project profits and identify areas of financial risk.
– Task
The task was first to take an extremely complex business and make it understandable to an audience consisting primarily of engineers. It was necessary to strip back the accountancy terminology, conventions and practices and lay bare the numbers in a way that could be clearly understood. Class 1 Consultants needed to make the learning engaging and relevant for all delegates as well as making the key financial facts memorable.
– Action
Class 1 Consultants spent invaluable time with a senior member of their finance team to make the interactive learning tool appealing, accurate and engaging. We tailored the business game to reflect, mirror and simulate a year in the life of a business engaged in working in the oil industry. Each game card and activity is precisely what would and could happen in this business, giving the delegates the experience necessary to make better judgements.
– Result
Pro£itable Pursuits has become the industry leader in providing first class learning and development in the field of commercial awareness.

As a result of this business simulation, participants gain:

  •   A sound understanding of the Profit and Loss account
  •   Business understanding and the role they can play
  •   Commercial awareness of the impact of prices, volumes and costs
  •   Ideas for improvement opportunities within their own areas

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