Case Study

– Situation

A Nuclear Power Academy was setting up a Leadership Programme and wanted to incorporate a day that would open delegates’ eyes to how they could influence their station’s financial performance. However, they were clear that they didn’t want 260 PowerPoint slides which would bore the delegates rigid.

– Task
To design and then deliver a training session that was a hands-on business simulation day. The day would have to give them an insight into finance in the nuclear business and, at the same time, be easily understood and applicable to every member of staff from security guard to plant manager. The day had to challenge the delegates to make finance-based decisions and, in accordance with those decisions, to produce a profit and loss account. This would ultimately give them a detailed insight into the major elements of generation, income, and costs in their business.
– Action
Class 1 Consultants undertook 2 months of working with both finance and operations divisions to understand the business model and then design the key activities to support learning and understanding. The playing surface of the board game was tailored to the nuclear industry. The game pieces that moved around the board were all recognisable to the delegates as being directly from a power station. The game cards were unique to situations both internal and external that have an impact on the profitable running of a power station.
– Result

Class 1 Consultants launched Core Values in 2011. This business simulation game has been a massive success with over 1,700 people benefitting from the inimitable design and delivery of a subject that can often be perceived as being dry and uninteresting. 

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