Case Study

– Situation
A major salmon fish farm in Scotland needed a delegate from their company to go to Chile and do a presentation that would convince the Chilean authorities and governing bodies that Scotland was a safe and responsible supplier of stock for their own farms. The individual chosen had a pathological fear of speaking in public. The first of the three coaching sessions ended with an extremely disappointing ten-minute speech when the individual read every single word on the PowerPoint slide whilst facing the screen!
– Task
Firstly, to collate persuasive evidence that would corroborate the claim that the fish farm was reputable, reliable and responsible but in an engaging and empathic style. Secondly, to coach the individual to deliver a first class, clear and compelling case in a convincing and credible manner.
– Action
Class 1 Consultants engaged the individual to identify the real “true stories” that would convince each person who listened to the story of the duty of care carried out on a daily basis to ensure the safety and sanctity of the core product. These stories came naturally from the individual over lunch when all they thought they were doing was describing their job. Class 1 Consultants encouraged and coached the individual to relay these stories to the audience and tell it from the heart.
– Result
The individual delivered a forty-two-minute speech (pitch perfect!) with three PowerPoint slides and no notes. Scotland now supplies salmon to be farmed in Chile.

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